The Hyperion Platform

With AffirmLogic you achieve the strongest defensive posture and realize the best return on all your cybersecurity investments.

Cyberspace Is a New Battle Every Day

AffirmLogic’s advanced technology extends your enterprise’s defenses by identifying threats that other technologies will miss, and dramatically reduces analysis and response time.

Signature-Based Malware Detection Doesn’t Defend Against Today’s Sophisticated Adversaries

Hyperion malware detection capabilities leapfrog the competition by using our patented behavior approach to identify cyber threats that are deeply hidden and not on anyone’s radar.

An Essential Part of Your Defense-in-Depth Strategy

Unprecedented Visibility

Hyperion goes beyond current cybersecurity technologies to protect your organization from the most advanced, insidious threats—including zero-day attacks. It pinpoints the exact location of malicious content in software, whether newly inserted or lurking in your enterprise systems and devices.

Actionable Intelligence

Hyperion automatically computes the behavior of malware—without running it—to indicate precisely what malicious code has done or could do in the future. Your security team gains deep insight into the methods, targets, and implications of threats without time-consuming manual analysis.

Faster Response

A delay in identifying, analyzing, and responding to malware leaves your network vulnerable to devastating consequences. Hyperion quickly generates in-depth analyses so your security team can counter threats and ward off future attacks.

Reasons to Believe

  • The reports are information-rich, and your disassembler is the best we’ve seen.”

    Principal Investigator
    Top Management Consulting Firm
  • It’s setting a new standard in cyber security.”

    Principal Investigator, Cyber Threat Research Group
    Fortune 100 Company
  • Hyperion gives higher fidelity. Hyperion is awesome for looking at code and showing you where to look.”

    Principal Investigator
    US Government
  • Hyperion provides a new insight into our software that we never had before.”

    Division Directors
    Fortune 100 Company

What’s Hiding in the Code Entering Your Systems?

Hyperion provides  defense-in-depth to protect your enterprise from immediate and future effects of malicious code. Advanced threat detection fortifies software natively developed or provided by your supply chain vendors.

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