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  • AffirmLogic Secures $25 Million Equity Financing

    AffirmLogic announces the close of a $25 million equity financing round led by a private investment group focused on companies with innovative technology and high growth potential.

  • Behavior Computation

    What does your software do? It is at the heart of the cyber war. Software with unknown behavior has unknown security, so you don’t know what you are getting until you understand its full behavior.

  • Discover What’s Lurking In Your Software

    If your software has malware lurking deep inside, you won’t know about it until someone runs it and discovers the consequences. Fortunately, Hyperion analyzes code without running it to reverse-engineer code and pinpoints the exact addresses of any malicious content.

  • Defend Your Territory

    Once Hyperion has discovered malicious content, what happens next? Learn how our system can defend your cyber systems and enterprise from malicious attacks.

  • Detect Malware In A New Way

    “Every day, malware was becoming more sophisticated at hiding.  We realized we had to go beyond traditional read-or-run solutions and use advanced mathematical computations to understand software behavior.” Read more from Richard Linger on Hyperion's advantages.

  • The Cyber War

    We’re in a cyber war and we’re losing. Just ask OPM, IRS, Yahoo, Google, JP Morgan, Target, and hundreds of others.Learn how transformative technology can fight malware and protect your enterprise.

  • Rick Linger Presented Invited Lectures On Software Behavior Computation

    Rick Linger, AffirmLogic CTO, recently presented invited lectures on software behavior computation to classes in the graduate programs at the Muma College of Business, University of South Florida, located in Tampa, Florida.

  • Unveiling The Next Generation Of Malware Detection Technologies In Hyperion

    The AffirmLogic (formerly Lenvio Inc.) team participated in the annual cybersecurity conference at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to demonstrate Hyperion capabilities.

  • In A World Of Complex Software Systems, Security Is Still A Threat

    We’re in a global cyber war – and we’re losing. Learn how AffirmLogic has developed a transformative approach to protect assets and fight malware.