The Only Way to Stay Safe Is to Stay Ahead.

America’s adversaries are engaging in persistent, aggressive cyber attacks that pose long-term strategic risks to our nation’s security, infrastructure, and economy. Before your organization is disrupted, before your data is compromised, before your reputation plummets – that’s when we at AffirmLogic want to help you improve your defenses.
We understand that cyberspace is a fluid environment and we expect new threats and intrusions to continually arise. That’s why we deploy the power of mathematics to help guard against unforeseen attacks. Our Hyperion technology represents the future, moving from the surface syntax of software to the deep functional semantics of its behavior where problems are often easier to solve. It’s the beginning of a revolution in malware detection and risk reduction.
AffirmLogic’s executive team members are experienced in deploying mission-critical solutions designed to reduce enterprise risk and to enhance network and data security. Our team includes veteran executives and board members who are recognized leaders in the software and cyber security industries.



Company Timeline

  • Research Begins

    Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University began work on an entirely different approach to malware detection.

  • Early Development

    Carnegie Mellon University’s cutting-edge conceptual research led to the development of the initial version of Hyperion as part of a national security project at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

  • Recognized Potential

    Department of Homeland Security realized the potential of Hyperion and selected it for DHS’s Transition to Practice (TTP) Program, designed to identify promising technologies in national laboratories and transition them into the commercial market.

  • Officially Licensing

    Hyperion was extensively vetted by Sandia National Labs through the TTP program and was then licensed to a commercial technology company, AffirmLogic.

  • Industry Awards

    Hyperion won the prestigious R&D 100 Award and selected for pilot projects in the malware laboratories of an Intelligence Community agency and US-CERT in DHS.

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At AffirmLogic, we’re committed to helping our clients stay safe by staying ahead.