Hyperion Platform

Unknown content means unacceptable risk.

The Hyperion platform applies advanced Mathematical Behavioral Computation that enables security teams to detect, analyze, and defend against even the most insidious malware—including advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated, potentially devastating forms of attack.

  • 95%

    Reduction in discovery
    and analysis time

  • 4

    hours in-depth
    analysis time

Hyperion Extends Your Existing Security Capabilities

The most sophisticated hackers, often with the backing and financial support of adversarial nation-states, are attacking their targets with extremely sophisticated malware code that can’t be easily identified and can recognize and defeat “sandbox” analysis. Many of these are zero-day, with no existing signatures for existing cyber defenses to find. Hyperion works alongside traditional malware detection tools to quickly provide a stronger layer of protection. 

What you don’t know can hurt you. Adversaries have developed advanced methods to hide their malware from scanning and sandboxing. Syntactic scanning is a constant game of catch-up, with new attacks outpacing signatures.  Sandboxing, or dynamic execution, is a hit-or-miss game of hide-and-seek, as malware becomes more adept at avoiding detection. And recent methods of machine learning are no better than their training at detecting malware. 

Hyperion takes an entirely different approach. It uses the power of advanced mathematics to compute the behavior of software—revealing what it’s intended to do, without running it. Applying its unique, state-of-the-art technology, Hyperion—

  • Detects zero-day malware attacks that are missed by traditional technologies
  • Exposes sleeper code that has been hiding in your systems for years 
  • Automatically carries out detection, reverse engineering, and signature generation 

Hyperion streamlines the slow and painfully expensive methods of manual reverse engineering. It simplifies the discovery process and maximizes the amount of actionable data that can be detected about methods, targets, and objectives. By automating the mathematics of reverse engineering and aggregating the know-how of cybersecurity experts, Hyperion technology—

  • Simplifies forensic examination by eliminating control flow obfuscation introduced by adversaries
  • Transforms malware into structured code for fast comprehension
  • Pinpoints where malicious content resides, down to its code address


Hyperion simplifies, automates, and informs your reverse-engineering processes, empowering analysts to do more in less time. Freed from the time-consumer tasks of wading through extraneous functions or intentionally obfuscated code, analysts can now focus on the malicious code itself. Armed with the data you need, in the form you can analyze, your cyber defense team can quickly gain the intelligence required to protect your organization’s systems.

Hyperion enhances existing end-point and network intrusion systems, providing sophisticated countermeasures that increase their effectiveness. 

  • Because Hyperion’s signatures are generated automatically, you gain faster protection from future malicious code. 
  • Because the signatures are based on computed behavior, they can protect against malware designed to evolve to avoid detection—even variants of zero-day attacks.


Hyperion produces both Yara behavior-based signatures for network defense and ClamAV signatures for host defense. You’re prepared to rapidly develop and implement the specific containment and mitigation actions needed system-wide.

Hyperion Puts Knowledge of Malware at Your Fingertips, Providing Intuitive Output on Four Levels

  • Level 1

    High-level summaries for quick-look detection and classification

  • Level 2

    Tactic and Technique classifications aligned with the Mitre ATT&CK framework.

  • Level 3

    Detailed Threat Box™ analysis of malware properties.

  • Level 4

    Highly detailed and comprehensive behavior and code analytics.

A Force Multiplier for Your System’s Defenses

Quickly create reports and dashboards to share findings with your security professionals as well as provide briefs and recommendations to senior leaders.