Don't Let Cyber Threats Roadblock Critical Services

Critical infrastructure, including energy and electrical grids, roads, bridges, and airports, water and sewage systems, and even telecommunications, are so vital to our nation that even a limited attack could have dire consequences for our national security. Yet those systems are often cobbled together with legacy networks loaded with vulnerable nodes that can easily be targeted for attack. As those stand-alone systems, which are more complex and data-driven than ever before, are interconnected with corporate networks to deliver vital information and access, These organizations will need to revisit how they approach cybersecurity across this infrastructure. Having a vast number of access points and nodes on the network gives hackers and adversaries a massive new threat surface that they can leverage. AffirmLogic’s Hyperion platform protects our critical infrastructure by identifying malware and suspicious code that is lurking across the networks, quickly identifying the hidden threats that other software misses. Our patented behavior approach detects and identifies hidden cyber threats, pinpointing their exact location, and computing potential damage —delivering the insight needed to identify and eliminate the threat.


Essential Steps for In-Depth Defense

  • Detect

    Zero-days and sleeper code can’t hide from Hyperion. What you don't know can hurt critical infrastructure, and the people you serve.

  • Reverse

    Simplify the discovery process and maximize the amount of actionable data.

  • Defend

    Automatically generated signatures allow you to react swiftly, gain faster protection from future malicious code.

  • Deploy

    Swiftly react with patented technology to prevent future breaches.

When the Nation Relies on Your Systems, Don’t Leave Them Vulnerable

Read how Hyperion has identified and prevented hundreds of cyber attacks on the nation’s critical infastructure.

Reasons to Believe

  • The reports are information-rich, and your disassembler is the best we’ve seen.”

    Principal Investigator
  • Hyperion gives higher fidelity. Hyperion is awesome for looking at code and showing you where to look.”

    Principal Investigator
    US Government

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