Protect Critical Infrastructure and Maintain Compliance

Federal agencies are under continuous attack by nation state adversaries. AffirmLogic provides an innovative new addition to cybersecurity solution architectures that supports defense-in-depth strategies and enabling zero-trust environments for agencies subject to advanced persistent threats (APTs). AffirmLogic delivers an unmatched capability that addresses critical client vulnerabilities in the following areas:


Hyperion Platform Combats Phishing and Malware Attacks

  • Detect and identify malware that is invisible to other anti-malware solutions, thus thwarting zero-day threats and sleeper code.

  • Identify and isolate polymorphic malware by computing the behavior of the malware rather than relying on outdated signatures.

  • Automatically reverse engineers the malicious code to determine the exact location and target of the attack, and to better understand the source of the attack.

  • Solve numerous and prevalent client use cases such as zero-day attacks, supply chain cybersecurity, and insider threat detection.

Hyperion Is Supporting the Nation’s Cyber-Defense Mission

Learn how the Hyperion Platform has been employed by federal agencies to protect critical data and operations.

Reasons to Believe

  • Hyperion gives higher fidelity. Hyperion is awesome for looking at code and showing you where to look.”

    Principal Investigator
    US Government
  • The reports are information-rich, and your disassembler is the best we’ve seen.”

    Principal Investigator

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