Hyperion Protects Health-Care and Insurance Systems From Evolving Threats

Because healthcare providers are a frequent target of cyber hackers with the power to steal confidential patient records and disrupt essential hospital operations, rethinking how this sector approaches cyber security is imperative. With the health and well being of Americans at stake, hospital and health care administrators must be proactive in how they secure their networks against potential threats. Imagine this scenario: A suspicious file, discovered lurking on a network server, appears likely to be malware. To effectively assess, understand, and mitigate a sophisticated threat, an organization needs to move quickly to avoid a nightmare result. Only AffirmLogic’s Hyperion platform works with existing cyber defenses to quickly identify malware and other hidden threats that other software misses. Our patented behavioral approach identifies hidden cyber threats, pinpointing their exact location, and computing the potential threat level—delivering the insight needed to identify and eliminate the threat.


How Hyperion Works

  • Detect

    Identify unknown code and behaviors within your healthcare system.

  • Reverse

    Automatically reverse-engineer malicious code -- cutting analysis time by 95%.

  • Defend

    Protect patients' confidential medical records with unique behavior-based signatures.

  • Deploy

    There is no time to wait - swiftly deploy enhanced defenses.


Browse our whitepapers to discover how Hyperion’s patented technology provides never before seen insights into unknown threats. When patient records and life saving operations are on the line, trust Hyperion to protect and defend your organization.

Reasons to Believe

  • It’s setting a new standard in cyber security.”

    Principal Investigator,
    Cyber Threat Research Group
  • Hyperion provides a new insight into our software that we never had before.”

    Division Directors
    Fortune 100 Company

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