With a degree in electrical engineering from Duke University, he has brings rich experience of a career focused on science and engineering foundations of cyber security and software development. Chief among his successes has been the development of technology to automatically compute software behavior to reveal functionality, both legitimate and malicious, which became known as Hyperion, an R&D 100 Award winner.

Following a career as a member of the Senior Technical staff at IBM, Rick became a technical manager at the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CERT) where he developed theoretical foundations and implementation of Function Extraction (FX) technology for automated computation of software behavior. He also developed Flow-Service-Quality Engineering (Flow Structures) for creating reliable network systems in the presence of failures and compromises, and co-developed a Master’s in Software Assurance Curriculum.

Rick then served as a Senior R&D Staff Member/Cyber Security Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he conducted research and development for automated software behavior computation applied to malware analysis and validation of software functionality and security.  He also developed the Agile Research process to provide timely, impactful, authoritative research results for fast-moving cybersecurity situations. Additionally, Rick served as Research Director for the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P), a consortium of 26 leading universities and national laboratories.

Throughout his career, Rick has had published three software engineering textbooks, 11 book chapters, and 95 technical papers.  As CTO of AffirmLogic, he specializes in technology commercialization, entrepreneurial leadership, team building, and project management. 


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