How Your Clients—and You—Benefit.


AffirmLogic’s Hyperion technology acts as a force multiplier. With Hyperion clients’ cyber defenses become impenetrable—even to the most advanced threats from nation-state and other criminal attackers.

Hyperion effectively integrates with other cyber technologies and solutions, to ensure that clients achieve the highest defensive posture while realizing maximum  return on investments.


We collaborate with you to provide your clients with an additional level of defense. Working together we address your clients’ specific use cases.

Ultimately, you as a partner can realize greater revenue, customer satisfaction, go-to provider status, and “total customer ownership.”

  • Strategic Alliance Partners

    We work with consulting partners and systems integrators to enhance the cyber defenses of your clients in all industries—including government, finance, healthcare, and energy. We are moving rapidly towards solutions for industrial critical infrastructure.

  • Managed Security Service Provider Partners

    We deliver customizable anti-malware solutions to augment MSSP’s current security offerings. Our technology provides a level of cyber defense beyond existing anti-malware alternatives.

  • Cyber Technology Partners

    We partner with you to create solutions that provide clients with maximum level of network and data protection. You extend your solution capabilities through Hyperion’s antimalware APIs, while your clients enhance capabilities of their cybersecurity investments.

  • Cyber Risk Partners

    While you’re assisting clients mitigate cyber risk, conduct forensic analysis, and reduce the financial impact of security breaches, we help you identify opportunities to extend malware detection, analysis, and defense capabilities for insurance and legal firm clientele.

AffirmLogic Supports Partners Throughout All Stages of the Sales Process

  • Demonstrations that address specific client use-cases and challenges
  • Pilot programs that provide initial proof-of-concept for longer-term engagements
  • Training and support in installation, deployment, and customization
  • Ongoing collaboration to ensure seamless, integrated cyber defense solutions for your clients
  • Sales training and tools
  • Co-selling campaigns

About Us

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