Ravi Singh brings twenty-two years of experience in all phases of the software development life cycle, especially in product development, to AffirmLogic. His experience includes designing, architecting and implementing products for numerous industries, including banking, wireless telecom and cyber security. Over the years, Ravi has used a wide range of toolsets and technologies for product development for Windows- and Linux-based systems. Additionally, he has extensive experience in leading development teams and managing projects.

With a degree in Computer Science and Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Ravi started his carrier as a software engineer working on products later to be used by Citi Bank and Canon Inc., Japan. After moving to the USA, he was involved in product development for the insurance industry.  He then spent many years working with TeleworX Inc., where he designed, architected and implemented multiple products for wireless telecom companies in the US and Europe. These products range from desktop application to enterprise solutions and web applications.

Ravi’s focus at AffirmLogic is to take the current product form – workstation-based installation – to multiuser appliance implementation and to the cloud platform, making it available to thousands of users to interact with system. He has accomplished this through the use of advanced technologies like Bootstrap, Angular JS, Node.js, Chai, Mocha, etc. GitLab, Sharepoint, MS Project, JIRA Software, MondoDB.




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